Solid carbide mill with corner radius DP2745

  • Special end mills for universal applications
  • Very smooth running, large cutting volumes, high process reliability and low machine load through the use of unequal helix and unequal deviation
  • Extreme types of machining such as plunge or “ramping”processes are possible

From 16.94

Available options

Article nrD1D2L2L1ERPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Article nr: DP2745.040HBD1: 4.00D2: 6.00L2: 11L1: 57ER: 0.25Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.041HBD1: 4.00D2: 6.00L2: 11L1: 57ER: 0.50Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.042HBD1: 4.00D2: 6.00L2: 11L1: 57ER: 1.00Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.050HBD1: 5.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 0.50Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.051HBD1: 5.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 1.00Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.052HBD1: 5.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 1.50Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.060HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 0.50Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.061HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 1.00Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.062HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 1.50Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.063HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57ER: 2.00Price: 16.94
Article nr: DP2745.080HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 19L1: 63ER: 0.50Price: 23.21
Article nr: DP2745.081HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 19L1: 63ER: 1.00Price: 23.21
Article nr: DP2745.082HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 19L1: 63ER: 1.50Price: 23.21
Article nr: DP2745.083HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 19L1: 63ER: 2.00Price: 23.21
Article nr: DP2745.100HBD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 72ER: 0.50Price: 33.87
Article nr: DP2745.101HBD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 72ER: 1.00Price: 33.87
Article nr: DP2745.102HBD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 72ER: 1.50Price: 33.87
Article nr: DP2745.103HBD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 72ER: 2.00Price: 33.87
Article nr: DP2745.120HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 0.50Price: 42.65
Article nr: DP2745.121HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 1.00Price: 42.65
Article nr: DP2745.122HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 1.50Price: 42.65
Article nr: DP2745.123HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 2.00Price: 42.65
Article nr: DP2745.140HBD1: 14.00D2: 14.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 1.00Price: 57.08
Article nr: DP2745.141HBD1: 14.00D2: 14.00L2: 26L1: 83ER: 2.00Price: 57.08
Article nr: DP2745.160HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 1.00Price: 74.33
Article nr: DP2745.161HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 1.50Price: 74.33
Article nr: DP2745.162HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 2.00Price: 74.33
Article nr: DP2745.163HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 2.50Price: 74.33
Article nr: DP2745.180HBD1: 18.00D2: 18.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 1.50Price: 102.87
Article nr: DP2745.181HBD1: 18.00D2: 18.00L2: 32L1: 92ER: 2.50Price: 102.87
Article nr: DP2745.200HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 1.00Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.201HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 1.50Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.202HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 2.00Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.203HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 2.50Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.204HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 3.00Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.205HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 4.00Price: 113.29
Article nr: DP2745.206HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104ER: 5.00Price: 113.29