Solid carbide mill type 2 DP7546

  • HPS special milling cutter for machining aluminium
  • Smooth running, large cutting volumes, high process reliability and low machine load thanks to innovative HPC geometry
  • Larger chip space with high-gloss polished slots for optimum chip transport

From 23.62

Available options

Article nrD1D2L2L1D3L3EFPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Article nr: DP7546.030HAD1: 3.00D2: 6.00L2: 8L1: 57D3: 2.80L3: 12EF: 0.10Price: 23.62
Article nr: DP7546.060HAD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57D3: 5.80L3: 18EF: 0.20Price: 24.83
Article nr: DP7546.040HAD1: 4.00D2: 6.00L2: 11L1: 57D3: 3.80L3: 18EF: 0.10Price: 23.62
Article nr: DP7546.060HAD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 80D3: 5.80L3: 42EF: 0.20Price: 33.31
Article nr: DP7546.050HAD1: 5.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57D3: 4.80L3: 18EF: 0.10Price: 23.62
Article nr: DP7546.080HAD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 21L1: 63D3: 7.80L3: 25EF: 0.20Price: 28.46
Article nr: DP7546.081HAD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 21L1: 100D3: 7.80L3: 62EF: 0.20Price: 44.21
Article nr: DP7546.100HAD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 72D3: 9.70L3: 30EF: 0.20Price: 48.45
Article nr: DP7546.101HAD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 22L1: 100D3: 9.70L3: 58EF: 0.20Price: 63.59
Article nr: DP7546.120HAD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83D3: 11.70L3: 36EF: 0.20Price: 65.41
Article nr: DP7546.121HAD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 120D3: 11.70L3: 73EF: 0.20Price: 90.85
Article nr: DP7546.160HAD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 36L1: 92D3: 15.70L3: 42EF: 0.20Price: 120.52
Article nr: DP7546.161HAD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 36L1: 150D3: 15.70L3: 100EF: 0.20Price: 193.20
Article nr: DP7546.180HAD1: 18.00D2: 18.00L2: 36L1: 92D3: 17.60L3: 42EF: 0.20Price: 133.24
Article nr: DP7546.181HAD1: 18.00D2: 18.00L2: 36L1: 150D3: 17.60L3: 100EF: 0.20Price: 205.31
Article nr: DP7546.200HAD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 41L1: 104D3: 19.50L3: 52EF: 0.20Price: 172.61
Article nr: DP7546.201HAD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 41L1: 150D3: 19.50L3: 98EF: 0.20Price: 247.70
Article nr: DP7546.250HAD1: 25.00D2: 25.00L2: 50L1: 121D3: 24.50L3: 65EF: 0.30Price: 263.45