Solid carbide mill DP2009

  • Extremely shortened machining times, high cutting volumes and long tool life
  • Universal milling cutters, steel and cast iron specialists
  • Cutting depths up to 3xD thanks to optimum chip control

From 27.65

Available options

Article nrD1D2L2L1D3L3EFZPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Article nr: DP2009.06HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 18L1: 62D3: 5.80L3: 25EF: 0.10Z: 5Price: 27.65
Article nr: DP2009.08HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 24L1: 68D3: 7.80L3: 30EF: 0.15Z: 5Price: 35.70
Article nr: DP2009.10HBD1: 10.00D2: 10.00L2: 30L1: 80D3: 9.80L3: 35EF: 0.20Z: 5Price: 46.20
Article nr: DP2009.12HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 36L1: 93D3: 11.80L3: 45EF: 0.20Z: 5Price: 57.75
Article nr: DP2009.16HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 48L1: 108D3: 15.80L3: 55EF: 0.30Z: 5Price: 94.50
Article nr: DP2009.20HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 60L1: 126D3: 19.80L3: 70EF: 0.40Z: 5Price: 147.00