Solid carbide finishing mill – long DP2502

  • HPC finishing end-mill for universal applications
  • Optimal distribution of the cutting forces and extremely reduced cutting pressures
  • Highest surface quality


From 11.90

Available options

Article nrD1D2L2L1D3L3PriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Article nr: DP2502.03HBD1: 3.00D2: 6.00L2: 8L1: 57D3: 2.70L3: 11Price: 11.90
Article nr: DP2502.04HBD1: 4.00D2: 6.00L2: 11L1: 57D3: 3.70L3: 16Price: 11.90
Article nr: DP2502.05HBD1: 5.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57D3: 4.60L3: 18Price: 11.90
Article nr: DP2502.06HBD1: 6.00D2: 6.00L2: 13L1: 57D3: 5.50L3: 18Price: 11.90
Article nr: DP2502.08HBD1: 8.00D2: 8.00L2: 19L1: 63D3: 7.50L3: 24Price: 14.60
Article nr: DP2502.10HBD1: 10.00D2: 12.00L2: 22L1: 72D3: 9.50L3: 32Price: 23.36
Article nr: DP2502.12HBD1: 12.00D2: 12.00L2: 26L1: 83D3: 11.50L3: 36Price: 31.63
Article nr: DP2502.14HBD1: 14.00D2: 14.00L2: 26L1: 83D3: 13.50L3: 36Price: 43.80
Article nr: DP2502.16HBD1: 16.00D2: 16.00L2: 32L1: 92D3: 15.50L3: 42Price: 57.43
Article nr: DP2502.18HBD1: 18.00D2: 18.00L2: 32L1: 92D3: 17.50L3: 42Price: 70.57
Article nr: DP2502.20HBD1: 20.00D2: 20.00L2: 38L1: 104D3: 19.50L3: 48Price: 80.30
Article nr: DP2502.25HBD1: 25.00D2: 25.00L2: 45L1: 121D3: 24.50L3: 65Price: 145.52